Steroids in sports are bad for a very simple reason - they incentivize teenagers to take them in order to maximize their chances at making it to the pros, and medical literature is pretty darn clear on the litany of side effects that are, shall we say, not good. They also make it harder for those not taking them to… » 2/17/15 5:28pm 2/17/15 5:28pm

Also note that players on teams who didn't make the Super Bowl still get the option to buy 2 tickets at face value, but you have to physically show up to the site to claim them (since Mike Tice and all that). Now the NFL claims this is a preventative to ticket-scalping, but what actually happens is that the players… » 2/10/15 1:47pm 2/10/15 1:47pm

Holy fuck, I've seen some shitty form emails in my day, but this just vomits "corporate committee buzzword bingo" all over the carpet. Now I understand why their president was so awkward during the interview I did with Yahoo the other day. She was probably watching her kids held at gunpoint with a list of topics… » 2/07/15 12:34am 2/07/15 12:34am

No guaranteed contracts equals no leverage. Also, the general lifespan of a football player is very short. If you only have three-four productive years, on average, can you justify losing a quarter of your potential lifetime income (assuming a one year strike) to fight for benefits you may not even see? » 1/29/15 2:37pm 1/29/15 2:37pm

So their response to a guy grabbing his crotch is to then reintroduce the likelihood of a kickoff return, something the NFL considers one of the most dangerous plays of the game because it leads to a high incidence of concussions and something they've pushed pretty hard to get rid of by moving the ball up to the 35? » 1/24/15 5:54pm 1/24/15 5:54pm

Just don't forget about all those selfish college athletes who want to ruin the entire experience by demanding some form of compensation, and were they to be paid, would obviously bring the whole system crashing down. Jimbo's going to have to lay some law down on those kids, teach them that the glory of the game is… » 12/17/14 8:27pm 12/17/14 8:27pm