While I agree with the legal perspective of the judges, that setting obstruction of justice to include rambling answers like that is a dangerous precedent and should be overturned, I will also say that Barry Bonds is an unrepentant shitheel who juiced his way into infamy when he would have been regarded as amazing… » 4/23/15 9:41am Thursday 9:41am

As opposed to the trust fund baby heading to Yale whose great great great grandparents owned slaves, converted that into valuable real estate, and whose family has been living off the interest ever since? I'm sure he/she is gonna do a BANG-UP job on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager. » 4/21/15 8:42pm Tuesday 8:42pm

Until we can get out of our universe, does it matter? If the frame of reference is identical to those inside it, despite being different to those outside, then there is no functional difference as to which one we inhabit. We will perceive it exactly the same. » 4/21/15 12:50pm Tuesday 12:50pm

I want to know what happens inside a black hole. What are the conditions like in a region so dense that not even light can escape from its gravitational pull, and what does that do to the elements inside. Probably not the most earth shattering revelation (unless earth gets pulled into one), but something I'd like to… » 4/16/15 8:59am 4/16/15 8:59am

Not a quantum physicist, so please forgive the question if it's ignorant, but if a black hole's temperature is inversely related to its mass, would it be possible, if enough supermassive black holes (the ones inside galaxies) collided, for a black hole to achieve absolute zero, or even negative temperature? Or… » 4/14/15 9:32am 4/14/15 9:32am

I'm Chris Kluwe. I write essays and books, make music, dissect the mechanics of game systems, and try not to limit myself to other people's expectations. I've been reading io9 since before Kinja was a thing, sci-fi and fantasy before io9 was a thing, and very much enjoy learning about all the wild things that happen… » 4/09/15 8:17am 4/09/15 8:17am